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Rubina Iqbal

Writing, Videography, Video Editing
Date of Joining:
April 22, 2024
Date of Completion:
Rubina Iqbal
Remarks by VPRA Entertainment

Rubina has demonstrated exceptional expertise in writing. Her ability to craft compelling narratives and engaging content has significantly contributed to our projects. She consistently delivers well-researched, articulate, and creative written materials that align with the company's vision and objectives. Her attention to detail and strong command of language make her writing both impactful and professional.

In videography, Rubina excels in capturing high-quality footage that effectively conveys the desired message. Her keen eye for composition, lighting, and angles ensures that the visual content is both aesthetically pleasing and narratively coherent. She shows great initiative in planning and executing shoots, and her adaptability on set ensures smooth operations even in dynamic environments.

Rubina's video editing skills are outstanding. She proficiently uses editing software to create polished, cohesive videos that enhance the viewer's experience. Her editing style is both creative and precise, demonstrating a strong understanding of pacing, transitions, and audio-visual synchronization. She is adept at incorporating feedback and making revisions to meet project requirements and exceed expectations.

Rubina's dedication, creativity, and technical skills contribute significantly to the success of our projects.

Feedback by Intern

It is a privilege to have this opportunity to work with VPRA Entertainment. VPRA Entertainment provides multiple chances and occasions to explore the vast field of Film Production. Throughout this internship journey, I was involved in various projects including election campaigns, documentary making, short-film making, music videos and much more.

I learnt here the basic rules of filmmaking and engaged in research, writing, shooting, editing, lighting etc. Apart from that, I also learnt teamwork & management, planning & organising tasks, pressure handling, adaptability & stability in different circumstances.

VPRA Entertainment provides a friendly and supportive working environment, the team here is kind, helpful and encouraging allowing me to learn, work, and enjoy my time there immensely and appreciate the efforts I put in the projects.

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