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Pragya Singh

Director, Creative Head


Pragya Singh, a burgeoning filmmaker hailing from Jharkhand, India, has etched her name in the annals of the cinematic realm. Having completed her MA in mass communication from the esteemed Karim City College in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, she currently stands as the esteemed proprietor of VPRA Entertainment, an autonomous production house where she harmoniously collaborates with her esteemed co-partners.

Pragya Singh's artistic prowess spans a myriad of cinematic disciplines, encompassing directorial finesse, scriptwriting acumen, acting prowess, and editorial mastery. Her indelible contributions to the realm of filmmaking are epitomized through the inception of award-winning documentaries, short films, music videos, and government projects.

Notable among her achievements is the coveted Best Director accolade clinched at the prestigious Jharkhand National Film Festival for her magnanimous directorial efforts in the cinematic gem "SERENGSIA -1837." The film not only secured the coveted Best Film laurel at the aforementioned festival in 2022 but also resonated with discerning audiences, highlighting Pragya Singh's exceptional directorial prowess and unparalleled storytelling finesse. Moreover, her exceptional talent and distinctive perspective were acknowledged with the distinguished Special Jury Mention Award at the esteemed Chitra Bharti National Film Festival in 2022, underscoring her creative genius once more.

Pragya Singh's documentary opus "SERENGSIA -1837" further captivated the discerning eyes of the cinematic fraternity, amassing recognition and acclaim at the esteemed IIMCFF Delhi in 2022, where it was honored with the esteemed Best Documentary distinction. This exceptional feat stands as a testament to Pragya Singh's ability to meticulously capture compelling narratives and deftly convey them through the transcendent medium of film.

Beyond her prowess in documentary filmmaking, Pragya Singh has mesmerized audiences with her remarkable scriptwriting finesse, culminating in the esteemed Best Script Writer accolade garnered for her stellar contribution to the short film masterpiece "CAKE."

Pragya Singh's unyielding passion for the art of filmmaking, coupled with her unwavering dedication to her craft, has propelled her illustrious career, amassing accolades and commendations from distinguished film festivals and competitions. As an emerging luminary in the industry, her distinct perspective and unparalleled storytelling abilities continue to shape her burgeoning reputation as a formidable and promising filmmaker emanating from the heartland of Jharkhand.



Best Director Jharkhand National Film Festival for SERENGSIA -1837

Best Film Jharkhand National Film Festival 2022 for SERENGSIA -1837

Special Jury Mention Award Chitra Bharti National Film Festival 2022 for SERENGSIA -1837

Best Documentary IIMCFF Delhi 2022 for SERENGSIA -1837

Best Script Writer For Short Film CAKE

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