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Sumit Marandi

Cinematographer & Drone Pilot

Sumit Marandi is a highly skilled cinematographer and drone pilot at VPRA Entertainment, Jamshedpur. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for visual storytelling, Sumit brings a unique blend of technical expertise and artistic vision to every project he undertakes. His role involves capturing breathtaking aerial and ground shots that enhance the narrative and visual appeal of each production.

Sumit has played a pivotal role in producing documentaries for esteemed clients such as Tata Steel Foundation, the District Administration, various NGOs, and charitable trusts. His ability to convey compelling stories through his lens has also benefited numerous brands, elevating their visual content to new heights.

In addition to his cinematography and drone piloting skills, Sumit is proficient in video editing. This skill allows him to seamlessly integrate his footage into polished, cohesive final products, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards of quality and creativity.

Sumit's dedication, technical prowess, and creative flair make him an invaluable asset to the VPRA Entertainment team, consistently delivering exceptional results for a diverse range of clients.


Sumit Marandi
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