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Visual Presentation of Raw Action Entertainment alias VPRA Entertainment is a leading service provider of media solutions , expertise in advt. films, corporate films, documentaries, short films, web and  graphics designs  etc. We have a downright practical approach for companies and their communication requirements and have been extremely successful in establishing them as exemplary brands.


Why We

  • We believe that your profit is our priority.

  • Young talent & experience.

  • Creative ideas.

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Our Mission

To promote the art and culture of the state through films & to generate employment for the people of Jharkhand through it.

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Our Vision

To build a good relation with our clients rather than just doing business. We serve the output in multiple methods according to the requirements. 

What we give you?


Quick Turnaround

Our turn around rate is currently at the industry best, get a high quality video within weeks.

Fully Customizable

We provide you with each source file that is fully editable so you can make changes on the go

Rounds of corrections

We provide ample amount of corrections and revisions with every stage of video

Global Perspective

We’ve worked with several startups around the globe to get enough exposure to build world class videos

Fast Communication

Communication is the key to the doing great things we believe in transparent and fast communication

Streamlined Process

We have built a streamline process to deliver high quality videos quickly and provide full customizabillity.

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Why Choose Us

There are numerous video agencies that produce decent quality videos but there are very few that understand that video production is a blend of marketing, branding and animation worlds. Without the branding, marketing values & storytelling a video is just a series of animations. We’re an agency that understands your marketing needs and then blends it with our creative skills to produce a high quality video that not only is aesthetic to the eye but also converts well from a marketing angle.

Best Quality Designs

We provide the best quality services i.e. audio-visuals & graphic designs.

24x7 Live Support

Yes, you are right we are available for your support 24×7 for more efficiency and clients requirements across the globe.

Result Oriented Projects

We believe in delivering nothing but the best, and no wonder why we have been trusted by such a variety of industries and clients.

Award-Winning Support Team

VPRA team consists of individuals who had achieved many awards and appreciations in the nation especially in film making and other media-related fields.

Experienced Professionals

We are a team of creative and expert artists delivering the best quality audio-visual services to promote and explain your ideas to the public.

  • How much time will it take to create an explainer video for VPRA Entertainment?
    It depends on the type of video you require and on the complexity of the video. Also when we quote you, will give you a date range for completion, final project turnaround is decided on the date we receive your initial deposit. The deposit secures your spot in the production schedule. Depending upon production load and timely feedback from our customers.
  • What are the different types of video services that we provide?
    There are mainly 18 different types of videos: Corporate Films Documentary Films Short Films Advt. Films 2D & 3D Animation Motion Graphic based film Web Series 2D & 3D animated videos are further divided into object-based 2-3D video, character-based 2-3D video, motion graphics, etc. You can find more about it on our service page.
  • Why does the video take so much time to create?
    Our eight-step process helps us make everlasting videos. The process includes: Requirement Gathering: Research about the subject and objective about the film. Strategize the process: Analysing the concept and plan the strategy. Story Writing: Preparing a script for the video. Video Making: Initialize with shooting and editing. VoiceOver: Record the voice-over based on your specific instructions regarding tone, intonation and modulation. Final Stage of Video making: After completing the voice over process; video editing, audio adjustment, colour correction will be down according to requirement. Adding the SFX and VFX: To enhance the quality of the video we add SFX & VFX its just a final touchup. So overall making of any kind of video it takes time to give a quality product on time.
  • Is the pricing of video depend on a per second basis?
    Yes, Graphic based animation work depends on per second basis. We suggest you keep the duration as short as possible for any graphics based animation (2D-3D, infographics, motion graphics) video. An ideal duration would be 60 to 90 seconds unless a longer duration is necessary. Beside shoot based video costing is different according to script, shooting days and location. Shooting based film are costed according day wise.
  • How much do we charge for a video if you provide us with the script?
    Got your own script? Great! Our Creative team will go through the script which would be shared with us and gauge the effort required for the video shoot, edit and alternation. We will get back to you with the cost based on the complexity of the script.
  • What are the terms of payment?
    VPRA Entertainment requires 40% deposit for your project to get started and the remaining 30% after first cut and remaining 30% after final output and delivery of the project.
  • Do we provide discounts?
    Yes! we provide discounts on the basis of the number of videos in a project and on the basis of the duration. If you have a series of videos we can give discounts based on the number of reusable assets. Many of the assets created in the first animation or shoot before can be applied to other videos in the series-saving time and reducing the overall cost of the project. Contact us for more information about the cost of your project.
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