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Prem Sharma

Casting Director

Past Member

Prem Sharma, an integral member of the VPRA Entertainment and Production House team, is a multifaceted individual excelling as an actor, casting director, and creative script writer. Residing in the vibrant city of Jamshedpur, Prem has honed his skills and garnered valuable experience working with esteemed production houses and platforms, including Shemaroo, Perfect-octave Private Limited, and short stock production, among others. His notable claim to fame rests in his captivating portrayal as the protagonist in the acclaimed short film "Matsar" (2020). Furthermore, Prem has made significant contributions to the realm of cinema and documentaries through his involvement in projects such as "Sarang," "Anadameyham," "Father's Day," and "Gram Sabha," to name a few. A postgraduate in Film and Theater Studies from Central University Wardha, Prem brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and expertise gained over eight illustrious years in the theater and film industry. His invaluable contributions continue to shape the creative landscape of VPRA Entertainment and Production House.

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