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VPRA Films

VPRA has produced and created more than 35 short films based on social issues and promotions. VPRA can help to shape your imagination and creativity. Contact us to share your script. 

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Short Film


Hadiya, this film is associated with a beverages called Hadiya which is an integral part of tribal civilization. Non-tribals consider this drink as an intoxicant, but according to the Adivasis, Hadiya is medicine, not intoxication

Short Film


Suraj Awasthi has grown up in an atmosphere where giving and accepting ‘chocolate’ is a way of life. One day it becomes an issue. What happens and why? Who is to be blamed?

Short Film


Cake is one of the most acknowledge films in Jamshedpur and other cities of Jharkhand. As a leading production of Jharkhand, VPRA Entertainment screened this movie at Club House Jamshedpur without any entry charges. 

Short Film

I Quit

I Quit is a short film produced and directed by VPRA Entertainment in 2017 addressing a child's convincing efforts to prevent his father's smoking habit. 

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