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VPRA Documentary

VPRA produced inspirational videos and true stories based on realism and hyper realism. We have eminent clients such as Tata Steel Foundation, Ministry of Health, GoI, Jharkhand Government and other reputed NGOs.

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Serengsia 1837

The film is based on the unheard and unfamiliar story of the freedom fighters of the land of Jharkhand, India. As we all know, there are many stories full of valor and courage in history, out of which we recognize some of the heroes very well. 


Swawalambi Hote Gaon

स्वावलंबी होते गांव फ़िल्म के माध्यम से यह दिखाने का प्रयास किया गया है कि किसी प्रकार  झारखंड राज्य की राजधानी से लगभग 25 किलोमीटर दूर स्थित खूंटी जिले के कर्रा ब्लॉक के घुन्सुली पंचायत के गुन्नी ग्राम के लोग अपने परिश्रम और इच्छाशक्ति  के बदौलत आर्थिक, शैक्षणिक और सामाजिक तौर पर खुशहाल एवं स्वावलम्बी होते गांव का संदेश दे रहे है।  

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This film is about BANAM, a Santali musical instrument which was originally created by the ancestors of Santal Community. The instrument is played during the festivals.

Short Film


Hadiya, this film is associated with a beverages called Hadiya which is an integral part of tribal civilization. Non-tribals consider this drink as an intoxicant, but according to the Adivasis,

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